Monday, April 25, 2011

Simplicity and good food

Today I came across the blog/site Three New Leaves by Matt Madeiro.  It is an elegant and inspiring site written by a young man who has dramatically improved his life in a very short time through some deep thinking and research. 

Essentially - he has pared his life back to core elements and simplified his food intake back to the paleolithic diet   (also called the caveman diet).  

You eat meat, fish, eggs, nuts, fruit and vegetables - and oils such as olive or nut oil - but no grains, dairy foods (except a bit of goat cheese) or any processed foods.

The proposition is that in evolutionary terms our bodies are perfectly adapted to this kind of diet - and that processed food makes us sick.

You can see the dramatic impact on Matt's body from following this diet in his post called  How I got into the best shape of my life .

Really food for thought (poor pun) - and now I'm reading Matt's ebook - "Simpler" - I'll let you know what I think down the track.

I did something similar earlier this year and dropped 5 kilos in a couple of months by following the guidance of Michel Montignac - who was one of the pioneers of what is now called the "Low GI" diet movement.  Similar themes to the Paleo diet used by Matt Madeiro - protein and vegetables are good - beware of processed food and especially refined carbohydrates.

More recently I have been reading Dr Perricone's "Forever Young" - and integrating this with the work of Montignac.  As I integrate this material I'll share some conclusions.  However - in the meantime - it's a great read about what is happening in our cells when we eat the right and wrong foods. 

The core message - keep it simple - and eat like our hunter/gatherer ancestors.  

Eat  meat, fruit and vegetables and avoid processed food.

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