Saturday, April 23, 2011

Down South

Living in Perth, when we want to get away for a break - we head along the coast.

We are either "UP NORTH" or "DOWN  SOUTH" sort of people.

I am more of a "DOWN SOUTH" person and have  wonderful memories staying on the South West Coast with friends and family.

At the moment I am "DOWN SOUTH" in Dunsborough, enjoying the Easter Break with my love.

We had a great day today, with perfect sunny autumn weather and a gentle warm breeze.  Now in the evening it is raining with heavy coastal showers that are drumming hard on our metal roof.

The gentle light, the lack of "busy jobs" and the forced slowing down allows time to think.

We went to an opening at  Gunyulgup Gallery tonight. And I fell in love with some paintings by Henryk Sydlowski .

We have had the time to

1. Re acquaint ourselves with ourselves and our game plan.
2. Think over the things we will be working on over the next few months.
3. Read some good books, and enjoy some time together - not in a rush.

Make sure you give yourself time to head DOWN SOUTH - wherever your place is.

DOWN SOUTH is a state of mind - to carry back with us into our busy lives.

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