Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Exceptional Performance Formula

I was fortunate today to participate in a leadership training workshop facilitated by rogenSi IP Limited in Sydney Australia.  It was one of the best training sessions I have attended in many years.  I was particularly struck by the Exceptional Performance formula:

EP = (K+S+P) x M


EP = Exceptional Performance
K  =  Knowledge
S  =  Skill
P  =  Process
M = Mindset

Most managers are reasonably good at providing their people with knowledge, skills and good processes.

The exceptional leader provides the multiplier of creating the Right Mindset - thereby creating Exceptional Performance.

The rest of the workshop was about how to create the right mindset in your team - through a combination of rational and emotional drivers around:

  • Setting direction (Vision, Strategy, Reality)
  • Engaging and exciting your team (which often is the most important missing ingredient)
  • Executing
  • Sustaining Momentum.
I have learnt a lot today and am grateful for the opportunity to grow as a leader.

I was curious to check out the rogenSi website tonight.  Again - I was  impressed with their Values (rogenSi DNA Page ) - which I have copied below:


Our values direct our energy, our expertise and our choices.

Honour Clients
    • Know their world
    • Anticipate
    • Work magic
    • Challenge boundaries
    • Own the result

Create Buzz
    • Energise
    • Play
    • Create
    • Inspire
    • Celebrate

Be Courageous
    • Talk straight
    • Embrace feedback
    • Break with convention
    • Be bold – take risks
    • Follow your instincts

They certainly delivered to their values today - Well Done and real inspiration!

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